Qui sommes nous? / Who are we?

ANDAMAN is the synthesis of a travelling passion and a fascination for arts and crafts, enhanced by authentic meetings with the people.

Our aims :

Let know and protect the traditionnal skills. Maintain and develop a thrue partnership, with our craftmen, while respecting the habits and customs in their country of origin.

Our commitments :

ANDAMAN is following Fair Trade practices.

In this ethic, besides a mutual respect and a fair salary for his craftmen, ANDAMAN :

- Takes care of no children work

- Doesn't have any commercial middlemen, except local translators essential to be mutually understood

- Takes care of local ressources, endangered species and induces ecofriendly practices

- Fully pays, with no delay all the goods

- Carefully selects his products on quality basis

- Actively and respectuously beheaves to improve working and living conditions of craftmen and their families